State Taxes

Jeff Speaks Out Against Taxes

As a legislative advocate for reducing government expenditures, I will stand firm:

  1. For repealing many of the tax increases and extra tax brackets that have been enacted over the past two years.
  2. Opposing any attempts by the legislature to increase the marginal income tax rates for individuals and/or businesses
  3. Opposing plans to eliminate tax deductions or credits, unless they are matched-dollar-for-dollar-by reduced tax rates.
  4. Reform of Maryland's estate tax to eliminate or significantly reduce its impact on the passage of family businesses 


My Position

Cutting taxes encourages economic growth, which ultimately creating jobs in our communities.  I know that it's been said time and again, but it's true.  As a small business owner, I've always been a strong advocate for keeping Maryland taxes low.  I believe that taxes should be lowered for everyone.

History Bears This Out

In the 1930s, according to many experts, the tax increases that were passed derailed the recovery and prevented employment from returning to pre-Depression levels. That was true of both the 1935 tax on corporate earnings and the introduction of the payroll tax in 1937.  Japan did the same destructive thing by raising its value-added tax rate in 1997.  On the other hand, the effect of the Reagan tax cuts in the early 80s was to generate some of the most spectacular growth ever seen in the U.S.

Tax Consequences

By raising tax rates, people are encouraged to do one of three things, none of which are good for Maryland:

  • Work less since it no longer pays as well,
  • Move out of Maryland or
  • Cheat on their taxes

On the other hand, the fastest way to encourage Marylanders to be productive, to stimulate our economy and to ensure economic prosperity is to allow people to keep more of what they earn and make their own decisions on how best to spend it.  

Our legislature must learn a valuable lesson that each of us probably learned early in life.  The state must learn to live within its means-that revenue resources are limited and that that these revenues have historically gone in cycles.  They cannot keep viewing our wallets as their own personal, never-ending ATMs for tax revenues. 

Send a Reminder

It's time to remind Annapolis that we worked hard to earn the money that we pay in taxes.  We use that money to live their lives:  To put gas in our cars, to buy food for our families, to make mortgage and bill payments, to save for our children's future and personal retirement, and even to invest in businesses that will create new jobs.

By sending this reminder, the result should be a positive impact.  According to the Maryland Taxpayers Association:

"When taxes are too high and they are cut-especially taxes that are sensitive to the economy-the government has [ended up] receiving more revenues than ever before. Tax cuts remove impediments to business and jobs. Marginal rate cuts on income taxes [are almost always] effective in jump starting the economy."

For years, we've tried the method of increasing taxes on a regular basis.  I think that Marylanders finally realize that the time has come to give the alternative a try.

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