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State Political Analysis: Tight Race Targets Howard County

Jeff Robinson, also running for delegate in 13, said he fully expects a primary fight to be one of the three party nominees challenging the incumbents.

League of Women Voter's Forum

Another candidate with a lot of potential. He has a lot of original ideas that Annapolis really needs. He is very much in favor of the state cutting its spending. He advocated cutting taxes to small businesses in order to foster the growth of jobs. Again, my only disappointment, was that he did not go after Frank Turner for his comments about raising taxes next year.

Sigaty-Klein contest takes spotlight in Howard County primary

In the state’s District 13, which includes North Laurel, Savage, Elkridge and part of Columbia, several Republicans are vying for the chance to oust Democrats who have held the Senate and House of Delegates’ seats for years.

It is the only contested GOP primaries.

Of Republicans Loretta Gaffney, Ed Priola, Jeff Robinson and J’Neanne Theus, three will survive to run against Democrat Dels. Shane Pendergrass, Guy Guzzone and Frank Turner. The three Democrats are unopposed in the primary.

Sigaty vs Klein/Bobo vs Bailey: Can voters figure it out?

...and four candidates, Ed Priola, Jeff Robinson, J'Neanne Theus and Loretta Gaffney, are vying for three Republican nominations for House of Delegates seats held by Democrats Guy Guzzone, Frank S. Turner and Shane E. Pendergrass...

Columbia flier reports on Jeff's participation in a Delegate candidates roundtable with reporters

The get-together was an opportunity for candidates in District 13, which includes southeastern Howard County, to introduce themselves to the media. Senate candidate Kyle Lorton and House of Delegates candidates Ed Priola, Jeff Robinson and J’Neanne Theus used the roundtable forum to discuss how concerned the voters are about government spending and taxes.

Baltimore Sun cites Jeff Robinson as a key in closing the political gap between democrats and republicans in Howard County so real progress can finally be made on economic reform.

Jeff Robinson, who is running for the House of Delegates, said he agreed with Bobo's corporate contribution reform idea, and he and others also favor more transparency, but they don't see themselves working with Common Cause because they see it as a liberal group.

"There may be an opportunity to do some crossover," though, Robinson said.


Howard County Times announces Jeff's campaign, and his focus on controlling spending and a better strategy to improve education.

Robinson, who has a background in business, said he believes dissatisfaction with incumbent Democrats will boost his campaign.

"We think that a lot of independents this year are starting to be fearful of what's going on with excessive government growth," he said. "We think we can talk to those people and engage (them)."

Robinson, 52, said he will run on a platform that emphasizes balance in government spending, specifically focusing on education.


“"By contrast, Republicans running in Democrat-dominated District 13, covering the southeastern county, have a much more difficult task. There, Democrats have a 20,000-voter edge in registrations, with just 17,643 independents….

“‘It's definitely daunting,' said Republican candidate Jeff Robinson, who recently announced his campaign for the House of Delegates. ‘They [Democrats] have a 51 percent majority themselves' in registrations.”

Baltimore Sun Article (7/19) Entitled It's Never Too Early ...:

“The next county and state elections may be far from most voters' minds, but candidates are busily gathering funds and recruits as the two major parties seek to bolster their strength….

“On Wednesday evening, Jeff Robinson, a 51-year-old North Laurel resident, father of two, and first-time Republican candidate running for the House of Delegates in Democrat-dominated District 13, announced his intentions before about 75 people at an event at Savage Mill. Robinson is a vice president of Fortress Technology Group, a technology consulting firm, he said.”

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